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Historic Maps Georeferencing Project

The Map Shop is home to hundreds of historical paper maps that we are trying to get digitized. Once the maps are scanned and uploaded to the computer they need to be georeferenced so that they contain spatial information. This project is open to all students hoping to gain some experience working with GIS. Please reach out if you are interested!

Geog 380: Community Mapping

Examines the theory and practice of community-based mapping and how it can facilitate dialogue and collaborative partnering, thus leading to knowledge co-creation, planning, citizen empowerment and engagement, building consensus, more informed policy-making, and ultimately social justice. This course is designed to be action-oriented and experiential and has a very high local field component.


Geog 411: Community-Based Participatory Research

Theory and practice of Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) with a special focus on addressing community-identified research needs linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). Familiarizes students with the UN SDGs and explores CBPR as an important mechanism for bridging diverse and co-created knowledge into local action through community partnerships.

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