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Student Projects

This compilation of student projects dates back to 2020 and includes PDF documents of each project. Look through and see how students at UVic engage with their community and use their skills to create meaningful, engaging projects. These are examples of term projects from GEOG 411: Community Based Project Research and GEOG 381: Community Mapping. 

Community-Based Project Research 2022

Community Mapping 2022

Community Mapping 2021

Community Mapping 2020

Special Thanks

We would like to acknowledge the work of Ken Josephson, who has worked diligently to create a record of student and community projects dating back to 2003. His efforts are what has inspired the map shop to carry on this work, and his contributions to the department of geography at UVic are immeasurable. His care for this community and passion to help and uplift others has created an engaging environment for students to explore their interests and connect with community members.  His record of past projects can be found below.

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