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GIS Day 2023

UVic student GIS projects highlighted by the Map Shop in celebration of GIS Day 2023!


Free Bleed - Autumn Bissett

A map of menstrual products on UVic Campus.


Mapping Student Diversity - Sam Mason

A map showing a visual representation of diversity seen in faculties and majors at different BC post-secondary institutions.

Heatmap of Graffit Vancouver.png

Graffiti Heatmap - Matthew Bonnyman

A heatmap showing recorded graffiti across Metro Vancouver.

Ferry Routes and Topoography.png

Southern Gulf Islands Topo Map - Matthew Bonnyman

A topographic map of the Southern Gulf Islands including ferry routes.

Cycling Salt Spring.png

Cycling Salt Spring Island - Leah Fulton

A map created by Leah Fulton depicting a cycling adventure on Salt Spring Island.


Pirate Travel During the Golden Age of Piracy - Lucian Anderson

A map detailing the travels of pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650s-1720s).

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