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StoryMap Program


In the 2023 summer semester, the Map Shop Partnered with UVic Community-Engaged Learning to offer grants to Geography field school students for creating StoryMaps as part of their field school experience. StoryMaps is a storytelling program developed by Esri, a leading provider of mapping and geospatial software. The program is a tool that integrates interactive maps, text, images, videos, and other media types to create engaging presentations. Map Shop interns have developed tutorials to teach students how to use the StoryMap program, and are providing support to students both through in-person classes and online tutorials produced within StoryMaps. 


There were 60 undergraduate students receiving the grant due to enrollment in one of the field schools, as well as two student interns employed by grant-funded positions in the Map Shop to support the program. Participating field schools included the Sustainable Cities, Karst Geomorphology, Indigenous Conservation and Sustainability, and Community Mapping Courses.

Student Projects

Students participating in the program used StoryMaps in a variety of ways, from sharing student experiences and learnings during their field school, presenting research projects and data, reflecting on their experiences, and providing deliverables for Community partners to share outside of the University. Below are a few examples of some outstanding StoryMaps created by students as part of the program


Sustainable Cities Field School

A virtual tour of several

sustainability efforts in Stockholm visited by field school students

Highlights projects in social sustainability, public space, and accessibility in Copenhagen

Karst Geomorphology Field School

Presents the findings of student research on the potential connection between two caves in the Gordon River watershed using LiDAR and survey data

Student-led analysis of the biological and geological characteristics unique to karst and non-karst landscapes on Vancouver Island


Indigenous Conservation and Sustainability (Oneida Field School)

Explores the 13 Moons and their relation to Oneida cultural practices

Describes the Oneida Nation's interconnectedness to the land and the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

Community Mapping

Student project created in partnership with SeaChange Marine Conservation Society

Student project created in partnership with NatuR&D and the RUSH Initiative

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